Our story

We’re a world-class team of over 90 competitor
pricing intelligence experts across the UK,
the USA and Europe.


We saw many businesses still struggling to understand how their pricing compared with their competitors.

Some retailers were still checking prices manually or relying on only 70% accurate data, leaving them with unreliable and outdated pricing, and losing out to competitors.

We knew we had to find a better way.

That’s why we built Skuuudle, a pricing intelligence service, comparing pricing for millions of products with as many competitors as you need.

As a result, our Skuuudle pricing experts deliver 99.9% accuracy.

That quality commitment and service is unrivalled, meaning our pricing accuracy only throws an error once in every one thousand searches.

Skuuudle has earned the trust of our global clients, delivering the highest quality pricing.

Our teem discussing
Our teem discussing

Skuuudle’s clients know we go further with
Exhaustive Product Matching,
living up to our promises with 99.9% accuracy.

That’s why Skuuudle delivers
Better Pricing Intelligence.


Leading our competitor pricing intelligence teams across the globe.
James Hilton, Chief Executive Officer

James Hilton

Chief Executive Officer

James Rehm, Chief Operating Officer

James Rehm

Chief Operating Officer

Katie Jacob, Head of Product Matching

Katie Jacob

Head of Product Matching

Nicola Rehm, Head of Software Development

Nicola Rehm

Head of Software Development

Lauren Kernick, Head of People

Lauren Kernick

Head of People

James Pogson, Head of Marketing

James Pogson

Head of Marketing

Daniel Burslam, Head of Quality

Daniel Burslam

Head of Quality

Joanne Richardson, Finance Director

Joanne Richardson

Finance Director

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