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Jamie Young
Head of Marketing

Published: 26th August 2020
Author: Skuuudle


Skuuudle is pleased to announce a new addition to our team. Jamie Young has become our new Head of Marketing.

With a background in graphic design and web design, we are excited to see the improvements he will bring to the team. Jamie has had 15 years experience of managing marketing teams in various industries including property investment, where he was recognised for his design work on Assetz' website by the Property Investment awards.

"The leadership team believe Jamie can drive Skuuudle's commitment to supporting our clients with cutting edge content and powerful software and helping our clients receive the latest market data so they can stay ahead of the curve."

Jamie is joining us from the 1st of August and is looking forward to the role. "Skuuudle's project is a huge opportunity for me to test myself in a new industry. The projects that are coming are, I'm sure, going to be very exciting for our client base and I can't wait to show them what we have in store."


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